Just sayin'

Job Bedford
Performing at Shadyside Academy Middle School , Student Assembly,
January 10, 2024 (not open to the public)

We tell ourselves stories in order to live.

Joan Didion, Writer, 1934-2021

Join us for Just Sayin’ – our evening spoken word series where masters entertain, enthrall, and inspire listeners with humorous, thrilling, and poignant stories told from the heart. Every show features the Truth or Lies Short Tales! Segment. After hearing stories that run the truthiness spectrum, the audience guesses which are true. For each correct response, money is donated to our charity of the month. We will be releasing the schedule for the 2023 season soon!


People learn, grow, and build relationships by telling and listening to stories, Steel City Storytellers is a Pittsburgh-based organization that brings fascinating stories to life in front of live audiences. We can provide engaging storytellers to entertain your audience for any size event, including more intimate dinner parties and gatherings. 

In addition to live performances, Steel City Storytellers produces spoken word content in a variety of media formats. Our Emmy-nominated In Search of Love episodic documentary premiered on the Pittsburgh CW channel February 20th with additional airings to follow. For more information visit www.InSearchofLove.biz.