Host a Storytelling Event or Workshop!

Our storytellers cover a range of genres and are highly experienced performers from The Moth and other venues. We can provide engaging storytellers to entertain your audience at any size event, including more intimate dinner parties and gatherings. Immersive workshops are also available for individuals or groups who want to improve communication skills and integrate storytelling into their personal lives or professional work. Try hosting a work or social event where our storytellers give tips on effective storytelling and invite volunteers to perform!

We are also available to perform at schools, civic groups, clubs, libraries, senior citizen centers, nursing homes, public celebrations, festivals, concerts, performances, open mic nights, and corporate events.

Most performances include 3 to 6 stories told over 60 minutes by one or two storytellers. We can create a customized program for your event, but event hosts are also welcome to choose the topics, format, and approve the contours of the story. Discover more info about Our stories are usually performed in the oral tradition of one person standing alone and telling a tale from memory without props or audio-visual support, so events are simple to host and require little in the way of preparation or equipment. However, music or video clips may be included for in-depth presentations or historical stories where appropriate.

Our experts are also available for educational programs and workshops. We teach storytelling as a method of persuasion and as a way to improve presentations and businesses. Learn how to use stories to connect your brand or product with your clients and customers. We also conduct comprehensive workshops for those who are interested in the craft of storytelling for professional development and as everyday tools for their work. Everyone benefits from being able to tell a concise story!

Email Angelo Creo at to find out more, to book a storyteller, or to host an event!