About Steel City Storytellers

People learn, grow and build relationships by telling and listening to stories. Steel City Storytellers is a Pittsburgh-based organization that brings fascinating stories to life in front of live audiences. Our storytellers are highly-experience performers, masters of the spoken word who captivate listeners with ironic twists and breathtaking turns of human behavior. 

Each of the stories we share is unique and typically reflects authentic experiences based on the lives of the storytellers, may cover historical events or educate listeners on a particular topic. Our performances are simply stories – they are not improv, comedy routines or oral essays. There are stakeholders, actions, conflict and lessons learned.

Our stories generally fall into the following genres and are about people, places and events:

  1. Personal Narratives (truth from the experience and memory of the teller)
  2. Historical (an event from the perspective of a participant)
  3. Biographical (famous, influential or characters)
  4. Explanatory (how something works or why)
  5. Creative fiction
  6. Truth or Lie Short Tales! engage the audience to judge the “truthiness” of a story with money being donated to charity for each correct response.

We can provide engaging storytellers to entertain your audience at any size event. Stories can be humorous, heart wrenching, thrilling or even all of the above. Specific types of stories and storytellers can be chosen and customized for your event. 

As part of our commitment to keep the art of storytelling alive, Steel City Storytellers also offers offer tips, resources, opportunities and a network of storytellers for those interested in the craft of storytelling.