Stories as Inspiration

Love Wisconsin began as a book of stories and photography designed to show the diversity of life across the state of Wisconsin. With the onset of the pandemic, a new need arose – to share stories of resilience and creativity that would inspire others to take action in their own lives. From sports and art to activism and education, these stories create a rich tapestry of what is possible when you do not  give up hope. Learn more about Love Wisconsin

Bittersweet Monthly uses stories of hope and redemption to inspire others to keep going no matter the odds. Their mission is to be honest about harsh realities and discover the glimmers of hope that harbor solutions. Most of all, they strive to celebrate the good the world needs more of. Learn more about Bittersweet Monthly

Reader’s Digest has been a part of American culture since 1922. Now they have an online segment that promises to be a source of joy with stories from a variety of places. From everyday heroes to reunited long-lost siblings, they understand how important stories are in inspiring us to be more kind, aware and compassionate. Check out all of their stories.

Reedsy, an educational web site that focuses on writing and publishing, has a collection of almost 3000 inspirational short stories from writers who have used their prompts. From tales of the miraculous to stories of extraordinary people overcoming incredible odds, you will find something to inspire you. Find them here.