Stories as Education

Learning that stems from a well-told story is remembered more accurately, and for far longer, than learning derived from facts and figures according to Peg Neuhauser, an organizational psychologist. Read more about how beneficial stories are in the world of education from this article at Harvard Business.

First Book is a national, nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to ensuring educational equity as a path out of poverty. The organization addresses the barriers to education faced by children in low-income and historically excluded communities, providing brand-new books and resources to kids in need. Founded in the late 80s by Kyle Zimmer, who was then an attorney, learned through volunteering at a soup kitchen in Washington DC how many kids were impacted negatively by not having access to books. She and two friends set out on a mission to provide books and other educational resources to kids who needed them. Find out where they are over thirty years later

Kaleidoscope Lenses is an organization created to counterbalance the noise of the world by enabling people to give more of their gifts by becoming aware of them. From teaching stories and essays to poetry and photos that tell a story, you will be uplifted by the diversity of creative expression. Explore their site.