Stories as Healing

Storytelling, out loud or in written form, can provide an emotional connection to your life. Stories provide a chance to express, explore and change your narrative through spoken or written expression.

  1. Storytelling can help you to develop self-compassion for your life.
  2. Storytelling increases the possibility of rewriting your narrative in increasingly positive ways.
  3. Telling your story about an old problem can inspire new ideas for change.
  4. Storytelling can weave the themes of your life together.

Shelly Klammer, Counselor and Expressive Arts Educator.

Amidst the heaviness of loss, the idea of telling stories may seem a lighthearted pursuit. However, storytelling has been around since ancient civilization, and for good reason….it is more than just entertainment or folk art….it offers a healing component, and is an integral part of how we’re wired….stories help us to organize, remember, and understand the complexities of our life experiences. It’s hard to believe, but through science, research, and practice, we have come to understand that stories shape new realities, and help us make sense of the world.
Storytelling: A Healing Tool for Grieving Children by Christi Neville, LPC

Over the years, television and other cultural forces have robbed us of storytelling as a tool of communicating, learning, and healing. This ancient art offers us a fresh approach to issues such as coping with death and grieving, building esteem in ourselves and our children, finding courage in the face of uncertainty, and discovering the miraculous in the everyday. It’s a healing experience to gain a deeper sense of integrity, purpose, and direction and, most importantly, see the story of your life in a new light.
The Healing Art of Storytelling, A Sacred Journey of Personal Discovery, By Richard Stone